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Exopolitics.com - Alfred Webre Presidential UFO - Grant Cameron The Canadian - Exopolitics page Wilbert B. Smith

UFO's & Crop Formations

UFO BC Maritime UFO Files Canadian UFO Report Alberta UFO Study Group
UFO Digest UFO Phenomenon in the North The Yukon Report NOUFORS - Michael Deschamps
PSICAN - Ufology page HBCC UFO - Brian Vike

Think Tanks & Blogs

Conspiracy Culture Money A$ Debt ET Phone Home - Jody Boyne

Streaming Media, Books & Films

The "X" Zone Radio Show - Rob McConnell CBC video - Montreal incident CBC video - Stephen Michalak CBC video - Allen Hynek
CBC video - Betty Hill "Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe" by Alfred Webre "Exopolitics. Polis - Ethnos - Cosmos: Classical Theories and Praxis of Foreign Affairs" by Paris Arnopoulos Star Dreams - Robert Nichols
Missing Times - Terry Hansen

Best Cases

Stephen Michalak Shag Harbour 1913 Meteor Train


Hamilton Amateur Astronomers Gordon's Park - Astronomy

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