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Exopolitics USA PRG - Paradigm Research Group - Steven Bassett Exopolitics Institute - Michael Salla Disclosure Project - Steven Greer
Richard Dolan Paola Harris The Coalition for Freedom of Information The Extra Campaign - Jeff Peckman

UFO's & Crop Formations

Mufon International Earth Files - Linda Moulton Howe Filer's Files - George Filer NUFORC - Peter Davenport
Unknown Country - Whitley Strieber UFO Evidence NICAP UFO Photo Archives - Wendle Stevens
UFO Hypotheses - Rick Keefe Crystal Links - Elie Crystal CUFOS - Hynek Center for UFO Studies The Black Vault
CPTR - Center for Physical Trace Research Wikipedia - List of UFO Sightings

Think Tanks & Blogs

John E. Mack Institute Arcos Cielos Research UFO Blogger IONS
ET Phone Home - Jody Boyne UFO Think Tank - Blog Talk Radio OVNIS USA Beyond the Dial

Streaming Media, Films & Books

Coast to Coast Jerry Pippin Show UFOStream.com

The Day the Earth Stood Still (original) Roswell - Paul Davids Touched - by Laurel Chiten What on Earth? - by Suzanne Taylor

"Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence" by Michael E. Salla "Exposing U.S. Government Policies On Extraterrestrial Life: The Challenge Of Exopolitics" by Michael E. Salla "Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light" by Paola Harris "Exopolitics: All the Above" by Paola Harris

"Exopolitics: A Comprehensive Briefing" by Ed Komarak "Exopolitics" by Muse "On the Exopolitics of Nuclear Armageddon" by Energeia "The Cutting Edge" TV

Best Cases

Roswell NM Betty & Barney Hill Travis Walton


Lost Arts Media The UFO Store

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